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"Bundts on Board!"

You didn't get any bundt action last Saturday because I was busy cake-wrangling my way down to Santa Cruz.  After padding into the kitchen in my stocking feet right around daylight, I turned on the coffee pot, preheated the oven and emerged some 9 hours or so later sporting frosting in my hair, red food coloring under my fingernails, and a helluva lot of pastel teacakes.

Some of my peers are very busy right now buckling newborns and infants into child safety seats.  I buckle bundts.  Evidence at left.  The winding roads on the way to SC were no match for the solid gold protection of those backseat belts.  An hour and a half into the drive, the birthday bundts emerged unscathed, no worse for wear, in spite of the rain and the bumpy highways.

None of the recipes below are new to you; I've detailed them all here before, so you can find them in the archives if you want specifics.  However, bearing a new teacake pan, lots of cream cheese frosting and a few tiny bottles of liqueur, I switched some things up and discovered a few interesting new twists on some of my most well-received recipes.  Pics and info below.

Lemon cheesecake teacakes with a lemon cream cheese frosting and an almond cream cheese drizzle.  Garnished with sliced strawberries, mint, and fresh blueberries.

Variation on the Chocolate Raspberry Fudge Red Velvet recipe I've featured here before.  I added more chambord this time, and used a vanilla buttercream frosting, with fresh raspberries and lilac leaves to garnish.  The fresh flowers in the middle are called "stock."  They're one of my favorites - very fragrant - but tend to wilt quickly and leave an especially pungent smell.  Be careful using them to decorate unless you have a fairly short window of time before cutting the cake.

These are coconut cream baby bundts.  (Thanks to the Durbanos and Baby Rach for this great pan.)  I topped them with a coconut milk frosting, fresh coconut flakes, and more fresh blue/blackberries, raspberries and mint leaves.  (Fresh coconut makes for such a pretty garnish.  I really recommend using this as often as you can get away with it.)

Berry Cream - another variation on a theme.  This time I baked blueberries, blackberries and raspberries into the cream cheese recipe, using the spiral Heritage pan.  Topped it with an almond cream cheese frosting, fresh berries and mint, a few lilac leaves, and one last piece of the stock.

I still have several pretty white Gerbers and a stem of lilacs blooming on my desk that I'd like to throw into the mix here.  Might have to bake a cake and send it up the hill to my friend N, who's slowed by chemo right now.  Lilacs especially make a beautiful filling for the hole in the middle of the bundt.

(Now that I've just gone all Betty Crocker on you, I need to go balance this out with some hard liquor and pole dancing and maybe a little motorcycle riding.  Preferably in assless leather chaps.  Sayonara, bitches.)


Heidi said…
Excuse me-can I get some details on the weekend please???!!!!
Mariah said…
Holy Martha Stewart! Those are gorgeous Rach!

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