Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions.

Yesterday I was talking with this dude about creativity.  (Coffee shops are good for dudes, and creativity, I've learned.)  He was writing, I was writing, we were both staring out the window beckoning at the Muses to come sprinkle some fairy dust in our midst, to mixed results.

He recommended this excellent short talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on artists, creativity and the nature of genius.  Now, I have kind of a love-hate reaction to Gilbert (the author of the best-seller Eat, Pray, Love), but I've gotta admit, her little spiel on anguish, art and the creative process is right on.  (I was pleasantly surprised by the calming, mellifluous character of her voice, as well.) 

If you have time, further explore the talks available on the TED website; the annual "Technology Entertainment Design" conference looks like a great way to catch 18-minute nuggets of wisdom from various cultural movers and shakers.  The Gilbert video is posted below.


My feelings on Gilbert are similar. Sometimes I like her a lot, and sometimes I feel a bit annoyed by her. I read "Eat, Pray, Love" awhile back. But, I also really enjoyed this TED talk; I came across it last month and have watched it a few times. Pretty inspiring. I'll certainly read her next book.

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