Raw, adjective: 10. not diluted, as alcoholic spirits: raw whiskey.

Gary Regan writes some consistently excellent articles for the Chron under the byline of "The Cocktailian," keeping tabs on the local bar scene.  I enjoy getting his take on the latest hits and misses in what is one of the hotter cocktail markets in the country.  I missed this particular piece while out of town last week, but luckily spent a few minutes rifling through my old copy of the Sunday Chron and stumbled upon Regan's "keeper" of an article: his "10 Essential Cocktails You Can Make at Home."

Cut it out, paste it on your refrigerator, make yourselves comfortable with a few of these basic recipes.  Regan offers some terrific tips on how to stock a decent home liquor cabinet, how to shake a few of these most classic cocktails, and how not to mess them up in the process.  Watch for a few digs in his writing style - I like the way he lets his personality shine through.  And that old-school daiquiri recipe of his - sans blender and faux-fruit flavors, naturally - looks like a winner.  Might be the next Manhattan-style comeback craze?  Perhaps.



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