Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air: a raw, foggy day at the beach.

Tonight, I'm wondering if it will ever stop raining.  

Brooding at my kitchen table, cigarette in hand, blond hair flowing, cheekbones sucked in.  (Wishful thinking?)

We need the rain desperately, I know, and I tell myself over and over to practice patience, but I'll be damned if I'm not so sick of being wet.  My yoga mat hangs over the back patio to air out after class, and it's been rain-soaked most days of the last few weeks.  I ventured out and about this morning and finally stumbled home circa 5 soaked to the skin.  So plans for the night were scrapped, I wrapped myself in 16 scarves, the radiators kicked in, NPR turned into Feist turned into Joni Mitchell on the kitchen stereo, and four hours later, the rain continues to fall.  And I'm not going anywhere.

There are so many millions of things I want to write about lately: David Foster Wallace and cashews and Ash Wednesday and Shiva and Patanjali and cabbage and Kathleen Sebelius and dehydrators and Jimmy Fallon (really?) and gluten and ACLs and octuplets and the gender politics of "The Bachelor" and why "A Case of You" still gets me every time.  But I'm not sure that those posts will write themselves while I hammer away at more pressing projects in the meantime.

Today was "Bodywork Tuesday," a weekend tradition I try to uphold every few months, if not more often: acupuncture for breakfast, Bikram yoga for lunch, and a traditional Thai massage for dinner, followed by a serious jug of carrot juice.  So now my skin's orange, my back's unknotted, my knees are mad-flexible, and the chi's flowing freely, man.  A suitable tonic for this don't know why/there's no sun up in the sky/stormy weather kind of wintery week.

A friend turned me on to the junkiest of raw vegan junk food the other day.  Let me introduce you to "Kale in a Krunch," "Quite Cheesey" dehydrated kale chips.  These puppies are insane. They're put out by a little outfit on San Pablo in Berkeley called "Blessings Alive & Radiant" Raw Foods (same purveyors of the very delish Raweo, if you've ever had the pleasure of downing one or twelve).  Yes, more wank.  But even better: more deliciousness.  

Check out these ingredients:  Kale, Cashews, Red Bell Pepper, Lemon, Nutritional Yeast, Himalayan Crystal Salt*

This time of year is terrific for dark greens like kale and chard anyway, but throw in some nacho-like flavor (while still raw vegan), and you've got it made.  Just, um, ask this empty bag.  Head over to the website if you're feeling extra-equipped to handle the Berserkley hippie vibes.  You can order online there.  (I bought these at Whole Foods myself.)

*I guess in this recipe - unlike in the Chocolate Goji Treats - the "Pure Love" is just assumed?

Now, go wrap yourselves in Joni Mitchell and Himalayan crystal salt and stay warm in this wet, ok, doves?


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