Raw, adjective: 5. crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste

Ok, I'm all for pop sociology, but this piece really takes the cake.

MSNBC's trying to plumb the causal relationship between beards and the recession. Um, really? Aren't we about 5 years behind the 'stache trend at this point? The article tries to draw a flimsy line between job loss and increasing hirsuteness, but then just generally uses it as an excuse to explore the vast theoretical depths of kiss-scratching, trimming, and fu-manchus. It's light journalism in a marshmallow kind of way.

The best line has to go to this dude:
“Girls were a little bit nicer to me at first, but as I let the beard grow out, people began to gravitate away. Although at work, people seemed to trust the guy with a beard more. I was working in the lumber department at Home Depot and customers would seek me out.”
So let it be known, friends. If you work in the home improvement world and want to be Mr. Popular, definitely go for the Bob Vila beard.

Hairy Economy Trend: Beards are Back (MSNBC)

(Update: I had to switch out the shot of my man Giorgio in lieu of this killer one above. Because, really. Bob. Yeah.)


Bacon Dad said…
We like to think of it as a Norm Abram beard, thank you very much. Bob Vila can't hold Norm's jock.

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