Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Wrap yourselves in tie-dye and slip on your Birkenstocks, because oh baby, are you in for a long-overdue, super Goji-licious edition of 


And I mean it this time.  All disclaimers apply.  Herein you'll find talk of maca and synergy and antioxidants and pure love, baby.

So, in honor of my turning into a Very Old Lady over the weekend, I've been on a renewed kick for eating well.  Seven days ago, I completely cut out sugar, wheat and dairy, and holy zonkers, Batman -- do I feel fine!  Ask my friends and co-workers; I've been pretty cracked out on enzymes and prana and dates and grapes and raw cacao.  The mental and physical benefits are astounding.  (But that's another post entirely.)

To support my re-upped crack addiction, I dropped $83 at Whole Foods the other day on various and sundry raw food treats.  This is weird shit you'll never see in your local Wal-Mart, trust.  (Another notch in the "Why I Love Living in the Bay Area" column.)  One of the products I picked up comes wrapped in a bio-degradable (naturally) bright yellow bag and goes by the name of "Chocolate Goji Treats."  And, my oh my, loves - they really are treats.  After one bite, you'll forget about sugary chocolate truffles forever.

Just look at the ingredient list (100% organic and raw, obvs):
*Agave Nectar, *Goji Berries, *Ecuadorian Cacao (Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma heirloom variety), *Walnuts, *Hunza Raisins, *Coconut, *Dates, *Sesame Seeds, *Black Sesame Seeds, *Maca Powder, *Truly Raw Sun-dried Vanilla Powder, *Cinnamon, Raw Hand Harvested Himalayan Crystal Salt, *Cayenne Pepper & Love.
Please note the all-important, carefully-calibrated measure of LOVE included there.  Ahem.  (I warned you!)  The wrapper also brags that these are "synergistically balanced."  If you know what that means, please shoot me an email, because I'd like to know.

But in spite of the cheeze, all I can say is: the goji berries and raw cacao and maca and whatnot are certainly doing something, because I've never tasted anything so delicious.  And healthy.  And energizing.  Sans sugar crash.  They're ridiculously overpriced, but certainly worth every penny.

Luckily, even if you don't live around the corner from 16 natural food stores, you can still buy these online to be shipped straight from the hippie motherland in Hawaii.  But please take a minute and a half to watch this YouTube marketing video first.  Words cannot describe the hilarity, my friends.  Bonus points if you can pick out the two misspellings and the one improper use of an apostrophe.  (The grammar and punctuation nerd in me doesn't cohere well with the hippie raw foodist in me.)

I'm off to bounce off a few more walls.  30 is the new 8!


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