Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Yesterday, noon-ish, ten or so incredibly interesting and traveled and experienced and open-hearted fellow yogis and one very lucky me tramped over to the Asian Art Museum for a quick bite between workshop sessions.  

The AAM sprawls grandly on a corner of Civic Center Plaza, situated on the edge of the Tenderloin.  Unless you're looking for some killer Vietnamese fare on Larkin St. there in Little Saigon, it can sometimes be hard to find a nice place to sit with a book or a friend for a few hours without worrying that your purse will be stolen if you turn away from it for too long.  The excellent Library Cafe next door has recently closed (disappointing!), so I was pleasantly surprised to find a little gem of a cafe there in the AAM.  It's Pan-Asian, minimalist, healthy, and high-ceilinged.  And for a bunch of healthy-ish yoga wonks, it offered a ton of great choices not loaded with refined sugars or beef.  My green bean/tofu and seaweed salads were light but nourishing enough to head back into another round of asana without the usual post-lunch food coma.

Check it out for a little oasis amongst the cement and grime that is Civic Center.  They've got an outdoor patio that looks tempting in the right weather, and given that the AAM is opening a new exhibit on the art of Bhutan later this month, you owe yourselves a trip.


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