Raw, adjective: 5. crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste: raw humor.

The latest issue of Yoga Journal was waiting for me in the mail on my return to SF last week. I had a good chuckle when I flipped to the back cover and saw this ad (for lululemon, retailer of athletic wear and yoga clothing). The version on the mag is slightly different (not quite as creepy as the weird look on his face in this one), but just as simple. I love it. Especially lululemon's lack of hesitation to jump right into the political arena from an ostensibly apolitical one.

On the same note, have you been thrown at all by the latest big Pepsi ads? I don't know if they're designed to conjure up thoughts of Obama's circular logo, but what with the swirl and the red-white-blue color themes, they definitely do so for me. I've spent a good number of moments on the subway wondering if that "YO" ad over there is supposed to be selling me soda or inauguration tickets.

Twelve days! Go O.


Jess(ica) said…
YES! I definitely had the same reaction to the Pepsi ads!! Glad I'm not the only one.

Loved the ad too. Isn't it interesting that Lululemon is a Canadian company though... it seems the whole world shares our joy.

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