Random shit I wanted to post that has no feasible connection whatsoever to any definition of "rawness"

Old friends Molly and Tim were in town from Baltimore last week.  Meet their sweet daughter, Zoe.  She's a total 11-month-old prodigy.*

What a great excuse to discover the Children's Playground at GG Park.  Check it out next time you are playing Aunt/Uncle.  It has killer jungle gyms and the bounciest floor you've ever bounced.

*Not biased or anything


mruhlman said…
thanks for the shoutout! that day in the park was a big checkmark in the reasons to move to sf column. zoe could grow up well there. if nothing else, we shall make it a regular family vacation spot. been doing much thinking about it - my gut feeling when getting back to b'more was a bit suprising. i think ill be returning to blogging to sort out my thoughts (really? wow, blogging? hmmhm. maybe). it was good to see you.

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