Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air

Odds and ends for you on a chilly Thursday morning.  

Bartended last night and it was a veritable testosterone wonderland.  All tall strapping dudes at the bar buzzing with holiday brews, with two very happy chicks slinging drinks in the middle of the cacophony.  I couldn't believe my good luck.  Would that every night was like the last.  I think it was the fresh mistletoe that I wrangled from our doorway and brought along with me to christen the bar after it served us well at our holiday party the evening before.

Ice skating action is in the stars for today, and I feel like an 8-year-old kid strapping on the skates for the first time.  They've got an ice rink set up in Union Square this year (in addition to the usual one that graces Justin Herman Plaza), and my, how things have changed from the days when you used to just go skate on the bumpy frozen-over lake on the edge of town.  Check out this site, where you can buy tickets, reserve skates, and get your own chunk of time all before you even leave the house:  Union Square Ice Rink.  Hello, convenience.

Love it.  And only $12.  I'll be there every day through the new year.  Did any of yous college types take the ice skating curriculum offered at the University of Delaware when you were there?  So, UDel had this major ice-skating training facility, where Olympians like Oksana Baioul used to train.  And as a result, they offered excellent beginners' courses (for college credit, no less!).  In lieu of taking something intelligent and theoretical, I did some killer coursework in how to fall gracefully on the ice, and how to stick my leg 45 degrees in the air while skating.  Money well spent, fer sure.

That's the extent of this mid-winter, pre-solstice round-up.  Holiday season in the air.  Cocktail party's come and gone, chocolates fully stocked on every countertop, Christmas cards arrived from the printer and ready to go out in the mail.  I'll take it.


Anonymous said…
Can't believe I never knew about those courses! I would have been all over that.

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