Raw, adjective: 10. not diluted, as alcoholic spirits: raw whiskey.

Yup - it's officially cocktail season.

The Chron and the NYT seem to agree, as they keep running cheesily superficial (albeit interesting) articles on cocktail action.  More interesting to me is this piece about the increasingly hot champagne cocktail.

This is true.  Definitely the way to go right now.  Beyond the basic champagne cocktail (sugar cube, bitters, and bubbly with a lemon twist), which is pretty much classically stylish, that is.  You've got creative ways to run with it, interesting liqueurs, fresh juices, local bubblies.  Check out the stash of recipes they include.  We've been making the one with elderflower and ruby red grapefruit (ahem, that would be "The Raquel") for awhile now.  But I could really go for the one with pomegranate and Cointreau, too.

The NYT made its attempt to hit up the seasonal cocktail buzz with last week's round-up of the supposed 8 types of bartenders.  Now, I don't know about all that - reads to me like a desperate attempt to shape a trend piece out of, well, not much - but the various regional shout-outs are interesting, and the comments about general bartending trends right now do hold a few nuggets of truth.

Read up to prepare for your holiday cocktail tippling.


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