Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air

It's been awhile, but once again it's time for another installment of that semi-regular series, Cool Hippie Shit You Should Really Know About.   Today, we have


Those of you who find my handwriting in your mailboxes from time to time might recognize this image at left.  It belongs to the beautiful artwork of a homegrown company called PaPaYa!, and their work is sold at the Whole Foods up the street from me.  That means that usually when I'm weaving my way from the produce section towards the kombucha aisle, I make the obligatory stop to twirl the card spinner and load up on a good ten or twenty bucks' worth of beautiful cards to pop in the mail at whim.

Happily, it's the kind of cozy grey day here perfect for discovering things one might not otherwise have a moment or two to stumble upon.  Which is how I ended up finding - imagine that! - PaPaYa!'s website this afternoon.  A veritable treasure trove of glittery art and jewel-toned visuals, it's really worth your time, and your money, too.  Especially in this economic moment, it feels good to support well-intentioned small companies like this one.  Dig in.


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