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You saw this article in the Times yesterday, right?  The one about how the South is increasingly politically obsolete in the wake of last week's election?

There's some interesting shit going down here.  Not only is the traditional "Southern strategy" showing its irrelevance, but the race factor involved in why certain parts of the South turned so red can't be denied.  Read to the end of the piece for some alarming quotations from people who had no problem being named discussing their fear of "outbreaks" from "aggressive" blacks in the wake of Obama's election.  !!!

Unbelievable.  Further convinces me that the Republican party is increasingly a refuge for anti-choice, anti-diversity, Christofascist reactionaries.  No wonder McCain lost.  You simply can't win as a representative of a party so rooted in backwards social values unless you claim them 100%.  And the addition of the token Palin didn't do enough to reel those voters in, in spite of their racist fears of the supposedly Muslim-affiliated Obama.


(Can you tell I'm not quite over the election yet?  There's a politics-shaped void in my morning reading these days; strange after so many years' devotion to the outcome of this particular race.  But let's not even discuss the recent Palin interviews splashed all over the media.  We will definitely be hearing more from her, whether we want to or not.)


Jess(ica) said…
As a native Southerner, I can give you my insightful opinion that "I agree." With both the article and your take on it.

Growing up in the South gives one a unique perspective on politics. I can honestly say I never thought I would see a black president in my lifetime, let alone in my late twenties. Of course, this was accomplished without the help of the South, so I suppose it makes perfect sense.

A lot of people I know down here have been offended because they perceive the media is calling them racist for voting for McCain. There are a handful of people that are Republicans for no racist reasons whatsoever. However, I think that a large swath of Southerners are Republicans because it is an all-inclusive place for them to express both extreme Christofacist and racist beliefs. And then there is the middle group that are Republicans in part because they are racist, but they don't openly acknowledge it. Call them racist and they will be deeply offended.

I wish I could say that the South is coming around slowly and that the next generation will bring a more enlightened worldview, but I am not that confident. And I live in the most liberal part of my state (Memphis). The blatant racist and bigoted (especially towards gay people) bullshit I heard coming out of the mouths of some of my fellow law students was absolutely stunning. Luckily I grew up with some intelligent open-minded friends, but it seems that was the exception, not the rule. Spending four years in Minnesota may have changed my perspective a bit too though.

Anyway, to end my long winded comment on a hopeful note. I think that an Obama Presidency will be the best thing to happen to the South in a very long time. Because the crazy people who thinks "blacks are going to rise up" or whatever bullshit they are spouting will now have the opportunity to see how wrong they are.

Of course, there will always be close-minded people. We just have to hope that a wildly successful Obama Presidency (which I think is highly likely) will show the white racists the error of their ways.

In the meantime, I'm on the next bus outta here. Cuz I've had enough!!
your bro said…
Rach, is your friend a law student at Memphis?
Jess(ica) said…
Hi "your bro"!

I graduated a couple years ago from law school in Memphis. Mariah told me you go to music school with my husband though- Ben Banti.

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