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Buy Nothing Day is this Friday!  I know you've been counting down since last year.

I won't be shutting up about this after today, but let's at least plant the idea in your mind as you go about your business this week.  Why don't we start off today with a simple link to the main campaign headquarters (courtesy of Adbusters), where you can find all you possibly want to know about how to best create a traffic-blocking shopping cart conga line at Wal-Mart this Friday.

Then, read the cover article on the economic crisis from the latest issue of Adbusters: "One week before Buy Nothing Day focuses the attention of activists around the world on the perils of overconsumption, groundbreaking economist, Herman Daly, zeroes in on the root cause of our financial meltdown."  No words spared here, friends.  They call it like they see it.

The Crisis (Adbusters)


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