Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

That would be me, and celery, and Tony Bennett's painted heart, in Union Square.  A nice illustration of the things I miss when I head out of town for a few days: namely, raw foods, sunshine, art, and all things SF.

After the wild hubbub that is Election Day subsides, and the blueberry-themed bundt cakes that come with it are long baked and eaten, I'll be heading east this weekend to celebrate more babies and weddings.  It's that chapter in my life, you know; those several years when all exotic travel plans are subsumed into the more important cross-country trips to mark vows and births and big life changes.  The wedding bit of that is finally coming to a close, and now the babies are taking over.  So this weekend will mean a much-awaited introduction to little Baby Rachel D., and a reunion with many of yous college types to celebrate the union of Unga and V-Train.

I always get homesick for SF before I even leave it, though.  I'm too attached to my lifestyle here.  The food and the walking and the yoga two blocks down.  I get a little twitchy even thinking about being away for more than a few days.  Never thought my restless wanderlust would turn into homefires burning, but there you have it.  

One of the harder parts of travel is maintaining my daily attempts to live fairly high raw.  It's easy when Whole Foods is around the corner and I can raid my fridge for apples and kombucha; it's harder when you're trying to find something healthy-ish to live on in the Philly airport.  

So here, for your info but more for mine, is a quickie raw foods travel primer that will help you and me both get through those days away from home.

Travelin' Raw:

1. Hard to find a Jamba Juice on every corner anywhere else for fresh wheatgrass.  Pack yer Kyo-Green barley-wheatgrass powdered tablets for on-the-go greens.

2. Cut up fresh veg and throw them in your carry-on.  You'll be glad you've got them 3.5 hours in when you're somewhere over Kentucky and the only option food-wise is a crumbly biscotti cookie from the flight attendant.

3. Take along your psyllium hulls.  Colon health is central to whole body health!  Especially when you're traveling and eating, well, crap.

4.  Pack a box of Roxanne's raw energee.  I remain in love with these little nibbles.  Sure, they look like mouse food, but they're so rich with natural protein and energy and all kinds of good sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and maca and whatnot.  Totally unprocessed, unlike other forms of protein like PowerBars that might as well be Snickers.  Can't emphasize this one enough.

5.  Likewise, stock up on LaraBars before you go.  They fit into your luggage and will get you through several days wherein your only options are potatoes au gratin and chocolate cake.  Check out the new-ish flavors like Coconut Cream Pie to treat yourself while still getting your omega-3s and 6s.

You can leave your heart here, but don't leave your health, too.  Traveling's ever so much better when you can take some of your healthy habits along.  And the yoga will come, in a corner of the airport gate or the nasty carpet in your hotel room.


Meliss said…
I love that picture of you and it isn't just because I took that picture. :) Why is it that I can find the icky Coconut flavors of Lara bars near me, but the ever delicious chocolate flavors and banana nut bread flavors stay so far away? It just ain't right. See you in three days!

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