Raw, adjective: 6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit.

Hey - did you know it's Banned Books Week?

Or that J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is the most challenged work of the 21st century thus far??

Seems apropos given that our favorite book-banner will be muddling through her very own Big Girl Debate tonight.  Maybe if she'd read a few more of these, she wouldn't be left blank-eyed quite so often in interviews...


Jess(ica) said…
I can't wait for the debate tonight!! Here is something to up the fun quotient: http://www.palinbingo.com/
Rach said…
That's perfect! I'm having a party tonight - will be printing 20 of those out (though I think we'll be playing the drinking game version...)

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