Raw, adjective: 5. crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste

You were probably too busy yesterday putting together your Slutty Sarah Palin costume to read the Times, which is why you might have missed this little piece on Ugly.  I dig it.

Not just because it's Halloween and that means your friends and mine will all be cavorting in the streets wearing fishnets and Wonderbras and some combination of sexy sailor-pirate-nurse-French maid costumes.  But because it's about time someone spoke about the other side of Beauty - the green-faced, character-rich, Dr. Frankenstein flipside to that beautiful blonde sexy flight attendant you'll be chatting up in the corner after your fifth tequila tonight.  Ugly is so endlessly more interesting.

Read it for a little on the sociology of ugliness, a touch of philosophy and a hit of art history.  You'll feel a little smarter before obliterating your brains with fizzy candy and beer in a few short hours.

And then zip on over to Joel Stein's classic LA Times column from last year, celebrating Slutoween ("It makes sense that once a year I get to peek into your psyche and find out whether you think of yourself as a whore nurse, a whore pirate, a whore angel or a whore whore"), and proposing a nationwide Slut Day in order to corral all this tall-booted, tight-bodiced energy.  Love it.


Anonymous said…
what a cool article. rise up ugly people.

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