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My heart's been beating in Delaware for the last several days.  Between last night's debate, and the phone call that woke me up this morning, it's a good bet that it'll stay there for awhile, too.

How 'bout our boy Biden?  Didn't it just warm my heart a little bit every time he mentioned Wilmington or Claymont.  Watching him rattle off story after story about his many years in the Senate, and then choking up at the thought of losing his son in Iraq, I was so proud to call him a fellow Blue Hen.  (It definitely helped that I was wearing head-to-toe blue and gold, in honor.  Doing my part for the cause, you know.)

Say what you want about Palin doing better than expected - I mean, as pundits predicted, it's fair to say that after her disastrous last week, the bar was set pathetically low - but it seems the general consensus is still that Biden rode steady to win the debate.  I kept getting distracted by Palin's waxy lipgloss and that impromptu winky-wink she'd throw out now and then (WTF?).  But as much as we were guffawing into our beers, I'd be lying if I said a part of me wasn't frightened by her ongoing ability to drop her "g's" and refer conveniently to God, which I know those people in the Red States are just eating up.  Sigh.

But, but, BUT!  On a much more exciting and happy and heart-warming note, I woke up this morning to the phone ringing early (at least, early for a girl who was sleeping off last night's beer and cheese).  I knew it could only be one thing, and it's the other reason my heart's been beating in Delaware this week.  So a big welcome to Baby Rachel Lynn Durbano, the littlest Blue Hen in my life!!!  She came just in time for the big election (though I'm sorry if her mama didn't get to see the debate last night, being otherwise engaged and all).  And Dad tells me she'll be sporting her baby Eagles shirt for the football game this Sunday.  

I can't wait to meet the Little Miss Rach.  Welcome to the world, dear one, and congrats to Jim and Toni.  I'm over the moon for you guys.


Sara said…
Hey Rachel,

What up! It's Sara, Molly's friend, we shared wine and cheese and spinach dip at your house many moons ago. I've thought of getting in touch with you and am glad I found your blog! How prolific! Could you send me your email? sarastrummer@yahoo.com

Pz out
Sara Hossaini

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