Random shit I wanted to post that has no feasible connection whatsoever to any definition of "rawness"

The sis and bro-in-law arrived Tuesday night in the midst of the Epic Road Trip of 2008.  We've been having urban adventures ever since (and trying to walk the sedentary-induced blood clots out of their legs).

After marching through, oh, every possible alleyway up and down California Street, up the Filbert Stairs and down the Lombard St. curves, through the Presidio across the Golden Gate into Sausalito, um, I think we managed.  And might I mention that these two troopers heaved their way (gracefully, for the record) through a Bikram class with me, too?  Impressive.  

Oh, and we made a rainbow bundt.  For Kenny.  It was delicious.

That makes all three siblings here in the last six months. Well done, team.

The bridge was great on a weekday, sans tourists.

First post-Bikram lunch.  Can you see those abs hardening?

Do you think we're related?

Tired, after hauling ass across the City in 1.5 hours.  Also, did not realize the Filbert Steps were so, uh, extensive.

They cheerleaded at my softball game last night. We clobbered the other guys. A coincidence? I think not. This is me about to hit a grand slam home run over the fence. Or a grounder to the shortstop only to get thrown out at first.  Choose your own ending.  I think I have a future in baseball.  As Mrs. Barry Zito.


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