Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air

Status: shivering in the bowels of the Berkeley library
Temp.: approx. 40 below zero
Feet: bare
Head: hurts
Should be reading: "Karl Marx: Communist as Religious Eschatologist"
Actually reading: People.com
Should be writing: desire and eschatological hope as related to the market
Actually writing: this post
God bless: free wireless

Oh sweet jesus on a schoolbus. Evening in Berkeley, and there are two crows pecking around outside the window, where it's more like 72 degrees instead of the refrigerator-cold temps here between the bookcases. Usually love me the blessed institutionalized solitude that is the library, she of the silence and the stillness and the books beyond measure. But today, now, it's nearing twilight and the Dow Jones just plummeted 778 points (talk about eschatology!) and my knee hurts from some mysterious ailment that prevents me from sitting in Lotus while I write and it's making it hard to do much at all beyond thinking this thought: I would really like some coffee.

As a result, oh, the pop culture articles I'm catching up on! Dame Gloria has another quick interview in the latest New York Magazine, a charming cross-generational conversation with Suheir Hammad. (Both of whom are, might I add: a) self-identified feminists, and b) super hot. Just sayin'.) The ladeeez hit on, among other things: booty calls, shacking up, and Sarah Palin (of course).

Now here's the opposite of Palin's "Sexy Puritan" - a true-blue, smart-as-hell, vibrant and vital piece of work, a stunner AND a scholar, an activist and an author. Sweetness.  I pretty much want to be her.  

(Don't you think she looks a lot like Jennifer Aniston in that shot? But with a brain, I mean.)

In Conversation: Gloria Steinem and Suheir Hammad (NY Mag)


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