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Not to keep beating the dead Palin horse here, but this wolf-killing evangelical gives me so much to think about.

Over at Salon, Juan Cole hits the christofascist nail on the head this morning with his comparison of Palin's faith-infused politics with radical Islamic fundamentalism.  He takes her issue by issue and compares the ways in which her theocratic stances clearly parallel the same Muslim stances that McCain is supposedly railing against, arguing that "a theocrat is a theocrat, whether Muslim or Christian."  

Cole writes: "Palin has a right to her religious beliefs, as do fundamentalist Muslims who agree with her on so many issues of social policy. None of them has a right, however, to impose their beliefs on others by capturing and deploying the executive power of the state."

Exactly. But it scares the shit out of me to read such a clear and simple unraveling.  This is what kills me most about Christian extremists: they are so absolutely unself-aware of the ways in which their own radical extremism resounds with fascist undertones.  It's just "God's will."  Arghhh.

Read the article.  It's another good addition to your anti-Palin arsenal.


Jess(ica) said…
It's hard to ignore when these articles pop up, one after another, making new valid points about Palin. Another good one: http://www.tnr.com/politics/story.html?id=ef856c1e-f030-4f1e-b297-5d81ad9bcc16

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