Raw, adjective: 4. painfully open, as a sore or wound.

So.  9/11, again.  Watching with great interest today to see how the hungry would-be-Presidential parties involved work this one to their benefit.

Sarah sent this along just now, and it says all you need to hear on this day which will likely be characterized most by overblown pomp and manipulative commemorations.  Keith Olbermann goes off.  

I sat here breathless for the full 8 minutes and 14 seconds, riveted by his anger, his snarling, truthful accusations that the Republicans have hijacked 9/11, turned it into a "brand name," a "trademark," outrageous "propaganda," a "re-opening of the wounds" in service to a scrambling attempt to co-opt a paranoid public's sentiments in favor of a Republican victory at the polls this November.

Olbermann laments the "utter politicizing of a day that should be sacrosanct." He turns, then, to a scathing critique of John McCain's blowhard boasting, arguing that, ultimately, he may in fact be "aiding and abetting Osama Bin Laden" via his inaction.

My gut feels hollow. Watch it. Pay attention. Catch yourself nodding. And don't lose yourself in the rhetoric today so much that you forget the breath and the bodies and the lives that all the posturing threatens to eclipse.


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