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Hey hey!  Did you know September is National Yoga Month?

They're doing a 10-city series of Yoga Health Festivals all over the country in the course of this one month.  San Francisco action arrives on the 27th, but there's plenty of stuff going on in the meantime.

Check out this link for a great breakdown of "the cost of poor health" and the ways in which yoga is a killer answer to the current and future health crises in this country and all over the world.  As the website says in its quasi-mission statement, "Yoga Month is a grassroots, community-based awareness campaign to educate about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire a healthy lifestyle."   Spend some time with the website - that particular link addresses yoga's potential for healing everything from heart disease to asthma to depression to arthritis to carpal tunnel syndrome.  And I'll see you for some workshop action on the 27th.

(Dude.  I really heart this shit.)


MF said…
WTF, it the Yoga Festival already came to NYC!!! :(

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