Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

In earth-shattering news of global importance (what economy?), Lara Bar has stealthily been sneaking new and delicious flavors into the aisles at Whole Foods.  It's like a treasure hunt every time I'm there.  In the last few weeks, we've seen Coconut Cream Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Chocolate Cherry, and my favorite: Chocolate Hazelnut, debut.

Totally tasty, and might I remind you, raw, unprocessed, and full of omega-3s and -6s and fiber and potassium and whatever else you want in there.  I'm going to buy stock in this shit.  Check out the new flavors when you have a chance.

On a more serious food-related note, did you see this NYT article decrying the disappearance of the vaunted Mediterranean diet from the Mediterranean itself?  Pretty depressing.  Just like other studies have shown a dramatic decline in health when, for instance, traditional Asian communities rely more heavily on American-style meat-and-dairy-and-fast food based diets, so too, here, have the physicians in Greece seen a serious increase in childhood health problems as ice cream and pizza replace feta and greens.  Sigh.

The irony is the way you see so clearly, in reading, how increasing affluence is actually responsible for this shift in decreased health; when locals interviewed struggled more with poverty (in past decades, for instance), they often ate more closely to the ground, more simply, and more healthfully.  The downside of globalization is that with these changes in food culture and the erasure of traditional local lifestyles, so too come American-style health problems directly related to a processed-food lifestyle.  Which results in depressing realities like obese kids shackled to diets when they should instead be building forts and playing outside and not thinking about things like calories.

This quotation kind of said it all for me:
Dimitris Loukakis, 44, said he was so concerned about changing eating habits that he had bought a farm to grow traditional crops himself. Sitting at an outdoor cafe by the beach, he and his wife drank iced coffee while their chunky 9-year-old daughter, Maria, nibbled on spinach pie and glumly drank water.
“I’m on a diet; I have to eat less,” Maria piped up, noting that the local school had recently started to teach students about nutrition.
“Some diet,” interjected her father. “We’re trying to keep her off sugar now. If we continue like this, we’re going to become like Americans, and no one wants that.”
Not even Americans.

Fast Food Hits Mediterranean; A Diet Succumbs (NYT)


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