Raw, adjective: 5. crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste

So far the Beijing Olympics have meant 3 things to me: the torch-running drama in SF a few months ago, the human rights issues wrapped up in these games, and the monkey visage of Bushie and wife in the stands. Other than that, it's been all about trying to drag my eyes from Michael Phelps's torso. These swimming events are pure torture, people!!!

But when I manage to stop thinking about Phelps for a few minutes, I find myself constantly cracking up with nostalgic memories of long hours spent in the cool basement battling smoking joysticks with B over the Summer Games (I and II) on the old Commodore 64. Those were the days!

Don't these screenshots just take you back?

Nothing like it.


Anonymous said…
This is hilarious. I've been thinking about the SAME THING since the Olympics started, except envisioning it when the 64 was in the family room and we'd sit in our high seats there. We did the same events over and over, and the same moves. Why couldn't we ever figure out new tricks? Same with that BC game I liked so much...
Ah, good memories.
your bro said…
I was always fond of the ski-jump event

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