Raw, adjective: 5. crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste

Ok, I promise I'm not becoming Betty Crocker here. I'll do a post on sex and Communism soon to make up for this. But it's amazing how the wide world of bundts opens up to you when people catch word of the Bundt Cake Phenomenon (TM).

Yesterday a few friends shared their own bundt wisdom while partaking of the pistachio action. You won't believe these hilarious bundt designs they told me about. I may not ever have a wedding registry, but if I did, these would be on it. Because what badass urban chick doesn't need a few soccer stadium bundt pans for everyday use??


The Beehive; The Sandcastle (yes, that would be brown sugar sand)

The Stadium; and finally, for those churchy types (calling all PKs!): the Cathedral.

I'm dying.


Mariah said…
I want a Cathedral. Calling all church potlucks...

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