Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Ode to Cantaloupe

in honor of beloved cantaloupe season
to be sung to the tune of "o canada!"

o cantaloupe
you are the only good thing about august
and i totally take back that comment about orange being wimpy
because your salmon flesh is so delish and full of beta-carotene
and jumping with potassium
which is especially great
after i've sweated out all my bodily fluids in bikram
and i don't want to drink that gatorade shit
to replenish

not to mention
raw prana enzyme goodness
vitamin C and A like nothing else has
you make my skin glow
the hydration the fiber the delicious sweetness
memories of salty muskmelon
on the porch
near the summer kitchen
back in the day
cut in half scooped out for breakfast
perfect partner to morning coffee
as my sleepy eyes wake up

i don't want anything else
even whole foods has you discounted right now
and safeway, 10 pounds for $10
i could waddle home with six of you if my bag wouldn't break
eat you morning noon and night
and be the most hydrated chick on the block

melon oh melon oh you
are the best thing since sliced tomatoes
world's healthiest foods, here i come
bacon and eggs be damned, i'll take you
over pancakes

World's Healthiest Foods: Cantaloupe


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