Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Thank you, NYT, for validating my favorite chemical dependency!

Sorting Out Coffee's Contradictions

This article lovingly debunks so many of the negative myths about coffee. As Llama so aptly stated last month: coffee really is the true love of my life. Who else shares my quiet mornings with the paper and makes me so goddamned consistently happy? Brew me up another pot, baby.

And while we're on the NYT props list, they've got some nice recipes for beets, which are ridiculously bright and in season right now. Get in there. Beets might not be as easy to eat raw as some other veggies, but even lightly roasted, they'll still do good things for you. And a great alternative to cooking them heavily is to juice them; since beets are so much raw sugar, only a small amount will really sweeten up your otherwise-bland carrot/celery concoction. Not to mention how crazy-beautiful that rich burgundy color will be.

Beets: The New Spinach (NYT)
World's Healthiest Foods: Beets


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