Raw, adjective: 6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit

Pleasantly surprised this morning while in the course of doing some research on maca and chia seeds (ancient Peruvian and Aztec nutritional powerhouses, people!) to find myself directed to the recent raw food ramblings of one Jason Mraz, singer/songwriter to the masses and general Hot Dude.

Turns out that - whaddya know? - this guy seems to be kind of a seeker. In the Siddhartha-reading, no-TV-watching, green-smoothie-eating, simple-living, music-making kind of way. I'm generally slow to the uptake in terms of pop music, usually writing it off as some variation of the latest tween madness, and coming back to my old-school jazz core instead of following too closely. But I've always liked what I've heard of Mraz's stuff, especially that 'Remedy' song from a few years back, and now that I know that he a) is smoking hot, b) rocks the hats, c) reads New Age tripe, and d) apparently even kind of tries to live it out via Obama-love and environmentalism and morning green smoothies with agave nectar and the like, I might be paying a little more attention.

Props to a dude in the mainstream who appears to be trying somewhat consciously to swim against the current. How refreshing.

Freshness Factor Five Thousand (Mraz's blog)


Anonymous said…
Jason Mraz is quite the master wordsmith and have been a big fan since he arrived on the scene. Not as big as my brother, Tim is slightly obsessed with his music. Didn't realize just how HOT he was until I looked at that link though...interesting way to answer a door.

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