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It's such a good time to be a musical theater fan in SF.

Not only do both The Drowsy Chaperone and Spring Awakening open in the next few weeks (Drowsy today, Spring next month), but this week alone, Bernadette Peters is singing with the SF Symphony and Mitzi Gaynor (you know her as Nellie Forbush in the original film version of South Pacific) is at the Castro for an event in her honor. My nights are booked up for the next month! I can't handle it.

So the really exciting part of all this is that not only do we have 3rd row tickets next week for Drowsy, but guess who's starring? None other than Jonathan Crombie, he of old-school Anne of Green Gables fame. That's right: Gilbert Blythe himself! Now do you see why I need to be in the 3rd row?? Do you think it's inappropriate if I throw lingerie?*

With all of this, the Pink section this week was a veritable treasure chest of musical theater deliciousness. Interviews with each of these big names below.

Drowsy Chaperone was a surprise hit (SF Chron)
Bernadette Peters at SF Symphony (SF Chron)
Some Enchanted Evening (SF Chron)

*B, I know you're all "been there, done that," but at least I can share in the excitement now.


Anonymous said…
Be prepared, he has aged since his Gilbert days. Watch him especially on the monkey song. Oh, and try not to think about the fact that Bob Saget also did that role...otherwise, you'll love it!
Btw, the Bundt cake pan was invented in MN.
Are you planning to see X-Files this weekend?
Mariah said…
Holy crap. Well, B might have seen good old Gilbert, but now I'll be the only one left out of this love affair reunion. And I say it is not fair.

Always and forever, Gilbert Blythe. I don't want sunbursts and marble halls. I just want you.


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