Raw, adjective: 4. painfully open, as a sore or wound.

Whoa, dude. Check out my new favorite pose.

It's called Guillotine - a part of the advanced Bikram series I've been doing. (I totally stole this picture from somewhere so we'll see how long it stays up.) But I can't seem to find much info on this particular asana; maybe that's because it's so frickin weird.

The upside of how strange it looks is that holy shit, this thing feels amazing. I've been practicing it regularly as the very last asana in my daily routine, and it opens up the spine and cools the head like nothing else. Among other benefits, Guillotine lengthens the hamstrings, opens up the shoulders, and compresses and tones the abdominal organs and muscles. And as with other inversions, it rushes freshly oxygenated blood to the brain, resulting in a calming and cooling effect. Whenever you've got your heart above your head, good things happen. And after compressing your spine for a few hours with deep backbends, you really feel your intervertebral spaces opening up again with this one.

Also, great party trick.


Matt said…
Self-administered rimjob FTW!
Heidi said…
Just leaving my sprinkling of comments ALL over your blog today! So, this pose is called Tittibhasana or Insect Pose if your curious about the more traditional name, might be easier to search with. Guillotine is a bit frightening to me.

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