Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Well, then. I have some exciting news.

Turns out the amaretto cake went over so well last week, and I had such a good time baking it and force-feeding all my friends and pets and lovers and co-workers, that I'm going to make it a weekly thing. Yes, that's right: from now on, every Saturday at the Rach household will be Bundt Cake Saturday! Get ready for fabulosity on a heretofore unseen scale.

On a practical level, it makes sense. I have this random Bundt pan that needs to be used. And believe it or not, there are hundreds on hundreds of bizarro Bundt cake recipes out there waiting to be made. We're talking pistachio, beet, asparagus, "tunnel of fudge," pumpkin spice, pear, you name it. More than enough to fill the next 52 Saturday mornings. You may not get the same play-by-play pics, but I'll at least jot down the recipe and post a photo of the finished product.

And on a not-so-practical level, it makes even more sense. With bartending Friday and Saturday nights being so crazy and draining, I generally lay low on Saturdays to refuel. Baking is the perfect embodied moving meditation, a mellow mix of stirring and pouring and measuring and waiting that is all about being in the moment. And, well, it makes me really happy to bake for people.

So hopefully as the next few months progress, I'll learn gobs of obscure recipes, and my friends will be fat and happy. I've already got this week's recipe all lined up and ingredients set aside on the countertop for Saturday. And this week we've got not ONE weird liqueur, but TWO in the recipe! Great balls of fire!

I figure if the yogi-writer-singer-intellectual-porn star-gardener-bookslut potential careers don't work out, I'll fall back on the Bundts and be my own little Maggie Gyllenhaal radical baker. You've seen this clip from Stranger Than Fiction, right? When she talks about dropping out of Harvard Law to bake cookies, because it's such a more real way of making the world a better place? Yeah. Well, I feel the same way.

So bring on the Bundts!


Mariah said…
Porn star, eh?

mruhlman said…
i loved that movie and i wish i could try your cake!

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