Raw, adjective: 8. brutally harsh or unfair; a raw deal.

How sad is it about Tim Russert? The obits are breaking my heart. What a young guy.

So, um, speaking of coronary artery disease...or, uh, averting it...

I spent yesterday learning more pretzel-y new asanas. Upside down and feet behind the head and balancing on fingertips (or trying to, and failing). This twice-weekly series is 84 asanas, a little more obscure and performed at a regular clip. Ass is officially kicked.

Yoga Journal had a strong feature on Bikram a few years back, and it's worth a read if you're not familiar with the style or story of the yoga. The article's a little dated; they are now holding the teacher training in Acapulco, not LA, but most of the names and faces remain the same. I'm reading Bikram's new book right now and hoping for revelations. We'll see.

On the same note, Sports Illustrated did a gallery on San Francisco 49ers player Tony Parrish a while back, too, with great photos of this huge athletic dude rocking the postures in the sweaty heat. Check it here.

Yoga's Bad Boy: Bikram Choudhury (YJ)
Tony Parrish's Yoga Workout (SI)


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