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Shaun's show, In the Heights, opened last night on Broadway, and a whole crush of you were there together (without me!) to see it. So the best I can do as I sit here sick with jealousy on the opposite coast is to link to the pretty-much-stellar review in today's Times.

Watch the audio slide show and you'll catch a few quick glimpses of STC in the upper left-hand corner of a few of the slides. Can't wait to catch this one next time I'm in town.

In the Heights review (NYT)

(And while I'm at it, here's an older article with some background on the show and its creator that ran in the Times a year ago when the show was still off-B'way)

"You're 27. Here Are Millions To Stage Your Musical." (NYT)

What'd you guys think of the show??


Bacon Dad said…
Dude. DUDE. So awesome. The Times review was pretty spot on; the plot was completely ancillary to the music and dancing, but the music and dancing were so fantastic that I was blown away. I'm planning a full review on my own bloggerinoid later in the week.

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