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We've been without water due to some mysterious building leak for going on two days now, which means: no toilet, no sink, no shower. I've been schlepping my shampoo to the yoga studio and peeing at the Holiday Inn around the corner. Good times. (Don't even get me started on the whole needing-desperately-to-do-laundry thing). All this reminds me of the old days living in a tent on a hillside brushing my teeth in a river and wearing the same clothes day after day. Ahh, simple living. Yurts and spirulina and hippies and compost toilets.

So in honor of that vibe, I give you another edition of: Cool Hippie Shit You Should Really Know About. Today's entry is kind of a stretch, but I think my brain is so loopy from the dehydration setting in from not drinking any water so that I don't have to go to the Holiday Inn that it just works. So, say hello to


Now, you know how I feel about shopping. I don't do it. And I've never been one of those women who needs to have 50 handbags. I find a good sturdy one that's big enough for a few Lara Bars, a bottle of Kombucha, some chapstick, my journal and a couple of books, and I'm good to go. This last one, a pretty little green thing I picked up at Goodwill like 5 years ago, lasted me all through grad school, baseball games, multiple treks around the City, and several strap repairs courtesy of the overpriced shoe repair shop around the corner.

But one strap has been hanging by a thread for the last few weeks, and I knew it was just a matter of time until my little green bag and I had to part for good. It was time to move on, as much as I dreaded the process of finding another. Green's the magic color, you see, and not so easy to find; it's spring-like and fresh and definitely Piscean, and it matches nothing, which means it matches everything. Perfect.

So I was at Whole Foods yesterday stumbling around the produce section eating free clementine samples, and turned around to see, in a flash of birdsong and light, the obvious replacement for my retiring green bag. It's a Lug bag (www.lugtravel.com), complete with 72 great zippered pockets, pen slots, special iPod, digital camera, cell phone and water bottle holders (if you carry all of those things), magnetic front pockets just the right size for carrying a cloche hat, and an adjustable strap that means it can turn into either an over-the-shoulder purse or a messenger bag. Sweet. And did I mention it's just the right size for a laptop AND the Sunday Chron?

I'm pretty much in love. Not too pricey: this one ran $54 at Whole Foods, which seems reasonable considering that I'll probably be using it until 2040 or so. Hit up the website and you'll see more. Their bags - in various other styles, might I add - come in 8 different colors.

Lug Bags


molly said…
so, when did you live in a tent?
Rach said…
Post-college, at this sustainable community in southern Spain. On and off for a few months. It was hilarious - all organic oranges and howling dogs and roosters at daybreak. That is, until the rainy season set in...

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