Raw, adjective: 5. crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste

Hello, world. Long time.

Sick as a dog. One of my many faults is the utter lack of patience or sympathy I generally have for people who get sick. (Suck it up already!) So when the annual bout of flu makes its home in my body, I figure it's karma for being so totally unempathetic when other people have snotty noses and skip work.

My drippy nose and phlegmy throat and woozy head are having a hard time walking across the room today, so I figure I can at least catch up here and then I won't feel so goddamned unproductive. Lots going on; February's good, always is, somehow, after a dark and wet January, full of theater and books and people and places. And the sunshine finally came out last week, which is another reason for my absence; after the perpetual monsoon that was January of this year, I can't stay inside when these days are sunny and 65 degrees. Hello, California: this is why I drove west, and stayed.

Carrie Fisher (better known has Princess Leia) has a one-woman show running at Berkeley Rep, which I'll get to another time, and I am waiting on a phone call today about a long callback I had yesterday; it was hours of rolling on the floor and wiggling the hips and speaking in a British accent again and trying out my best mezzo belt. My body hurts so much today. But it was good to get back into the game.

So Clinton took California; another conversation, although long fallen to the wayside as we watch what happens with the upcoming primaries. There's major Obama energy here; he took San Francisco county, not surprising, really, given the momentum here.

Last Thursday was the annual flash mob Pillow Fight down by the Ferry Building at Justin Herman Plaza. I was on my way to Berkeley a few minutes before six o'clock, when the action was due to begin. People were flooding out of the Bart clutching pillows and wandering around checking their text messages waiting for the cue to start swinging. It's one of the quirkiest and most fabulously bizarre traditions in the City. If you want more info, go to www.pillowfight.info for photos and whatnot. Here's a YouTube video of the action from the site:

Off to blow the nose.


Anonymous said…
Your first unhermited comment on your blog made me think of this awesome trance song a friend just gave me. I feel its fitting for your blog entry.

Anonymous said…
Rachel...Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a good time in Vegas. Thanks for the sweet birthday card, that was awesome.

Happy Birthday!

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