Raw, adjective: 6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit

Several people over the years have pushed this book called The Four Agreements at me, telling me it had changed their lives and inspired them and blah blah blah on this basis of this ancient Toltec wisdom. And in spite of it looking like a quickie little read, I've never gotten around to finishing it. So when this morning's Chronicle had a feature with its author, Miguel Ruiz, I thought, well, great, here ya go.

The article starts off being all about making change in your life and keeping those resolutions and whatnot, which is fine given that my resolutions at this point are pretty much blown. And I stayed conscious until about halfway through, when the cliches just really started rolling in. And then it just became soundbite central. Check this:

(Interviewer): What do you love about [the unconsciousness of a near-death experience]?

(Ruiz): Everything! It is just like being alive ... I love everything. I love football, I love soccer, I love cars, I love girls, I love my house, I love myself, I love everything!

Dude sounds like a dumbass. I'm not reading that shit.

Miguel Ruiz, in "Finding My Religion" (SF Chron)


Mariah said…
I had to read this book in college - all the campus ministry leaders for LCM had to read it. STU-PID. Good call on letting it go.

Fer real.

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