Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data.

strange how my thoughts lately tend toward a certain letter

  • art deco (that blue-green)

  • athleticism (did you see the maverick surf contest coverage saturday? exhilarating, ridiculous, remarkable)

  • abstract (art, thoughts, angles)

  • arugula (dressed in balsamic vinaigrette with bleu cheese crumbles, spiced walnuts and dried cranberries)

  • adrienne rich (activist poet, general badass and teenage inspiration for yours truly whose poems are bubbling up in my consciousness of late)

  • adultery (10 years next week since the monica scandal broke)

  • absurdity (the real truth?)

  • anti-climactic (a wash of a golden globes ceremony sunday night)

  • alternative (music, reality, lifestyles, medicine, roads taken)

  • alpha males (hello there)

  • ambiance (preferably low lighting, earth tones, thanks)

  • artifice (ugh, it was bad enough driving through the marina the other night, let alone even thinking about going to the matrixx fillmore. seriously, they turn you away if you're a dude and you're not wearing a collar? disgusting. not my scene.)

  • adbusters (subvert the dominant paradigm, culture jam, wake up)

  • aloofness (implies depth)

  • angularity (helena bonham carter + johnny depp / sweeney todd = holy cheekbones)

  • aging (hello grey hairs, what??)

  • antithetical (to the whole point of anything, to being, to breathing)

  • absolute (silence, certainty, exhaustion, confusion, clarity, vodka)

  • art as refuge (solace, sanctuary)

  • atonement (golden globe for best drama and best score, pleasant results all around)

  • ariel hsing (12-year-old ping pong prodigy and all around rockstar, see here for deets)

  • absinthe (v. hot right now, ridiculously trendy underground drink moving into the mainstream; see also bar in hayes valley)

  • absence (where does one begin...)


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