Raw, adjective: 10. not diluted, as alcoholic spirits: raw whiskey.

Raw detox: check.
Mistletoe hung: check.
Velvet tube top pulled out of storage: check.
Houseful of tipsy friends: check.
Irritated neighbors: check.
Filthy wine-glass-strewn disaster to wake up to: check.
Pot of coffee to make it all better: check.

And once again our annual holiday cocktail party has come and gone. Best one yet, I think I have to say. For the morning after, my head isn't so achy, which is altogether remarkable considering that I carted some 50 bottles of wine down to the recycling this morning. The place was crushed with bodies and the action went late into the night. And I never want to hear a goddamned Christmas song again, even if it IS Dean Martin and he sounds velvety delicious.

So now that's out of the way, time to catch up on all the other holiday shit I'm behind on. Cards and gifts and whatnot are so behind schedule this year. Where did December go? Went through this period for a few years when I was steeped in sociology when I was like: dude, this is all a construct, holidays, rituals, traditions, all of it, constructs; there's no meaning, everything's an empty social ritual, what's the point of any of it, especially all this tinsel crap?? And I can say I still hold a bit of that upstairs, but have moved on in the last five years or so to realize that - hey, the holidays matter, and yeah, it's all a bunch of constructs, ridiculous, really, but this shit is the shit that structures our lives, gives shape to our days, gives us an excuse to get together with people we haven't seen in awhile and wear sparkly shit and drink wine and eat too much and remind ourselves that oh yeah, we're alive, and you matter to me, so there.

So cheers to the tinsel and the holly berries and the six bags of pistachio shells and leftover crab dip and crumpled cocktail napkins sitting in my hallway waiting to be taken out. And cheers to these last few days before Christmas and realizing you can make it all about the people and the energy and not the gifts or the stress. And cheers to the fact that my head so does not hurt this morning. (Must've been the fernet shot - fer sure.)*

And now, back onto the raw wagon. Seven days' raw felt clear and true and right. I got a lot done, read a lot, slept well, had tons of energy, did really loose yoga. Feel stronger than ever, skin looks great. We'll forget about the sugar and vodka from last night and keep this momentum going, for now, at least, until the egg nog hits again Christmas Day.

*Don't know what fernet is? Pshaw - it's only the hometown SF drink! Thanks, Wikipedia!

**And cheers also to the fact that my Mac just downloaded a major update and it looks like now I can do italics and bold and insert real links instead of my ghetto ignorant ones. Now if I can just figure this shit out.


Anonymous said…
Am seriously balled up and facing horrible writer's block as I try to pound out one more paper to end the semester, so THEN I can really think about the holidays and all of those things you mention that need to happen in a short, short time span. You're right, where did December go? Laughing as I recall your shock that I sent an early package last year, and this year the poor kiddo in CA who I have will not get anything come Christmas Day, but maybe by New Year's, just maybe. It's one thing to be late with an adult gift, but a kid gift...not nearly as understanding.
OK, have to get back to the paper. Call me, sis.

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