Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Haven't said much about the whole raw food thing lately because, well, I feel like it tends to freak people out. You know, wanky California land of fruit-and-nuts sort of thing, gone off the hippie deep end, etc. etc.

But this morning I've set off on a renewed detox and I'm feeling the rawness in every corner. A lot of naturopaths I've read tend to recommend at least a bi-annual detox (often coinciding with winter and spring) to give the body a chance to breathe and recuperate. I haven't done a hardcore 100% raw week since about February; have been running about solidly 75% raw, lots of fruits and veggies and nuts during the daytime, with a massive amount of sauteed spinach at night and a little reggiano cheese here and there. All things in moderation, you know.

But my mac and cheese consumption level is creeping a little higher than I'd like, the winter solstice is approaching, it's cold as my heart outside (37 degree lows, people!) and I'm feeling the need for a little rejuvenation before the serious cocktail party season hits. We're hosting a soiree next week and so it seems fitting to draw in and do a little cleansing before hitting the sauce hard during the last two weeks of the year. So the fridge is stocked with everything green you can imagine, I've got a ton of Kombucha waiting, and I just dropped a paycheck at Whole Foods on things like detox and fasting tea (full of fennel and dandelion and burdock root and all kinds of good shit).

Not gonna keep a play-by-play record here (because who wants to read that shit?), but will do so on my own, and depending how the next week goes, will update here and there. Each day will look like this: 2 hrs/yoga, detox tea, kombucha, tons of greens, perpetual water bottle in hand, multivitamin, 24 oz carrot juice, and cold turkey on alcohol, sugar and dairy.

Wish me luck. Might end up pretty crabby before coming through the first rough few days. But I'm secretly pretty excited. An excuse to "clean house."

And, come next Tuesday night, bring on the vodka, baby!


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