Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air

Cold morning here in the City, and the ancient central heating has finally kicked in after an even colder night spent burrowed under the covers trying to keep from shivering. (Echoes of prairie winters in the basement dreaming of frostbite). I realize that my 37 degree lows are [some of] your 37 degree highs, so let's leave it there and know I am trying to keep perspective, all yous in the hinterlands right now (*ahem,* sisters o' mine).

Two days into the winter detox, and shit - feeling so good. Already noticing effects: feeling so placid and light and clear; skin glowing; more energy and difficulty falling asleep; better, easier yoga; and the lingering cough and cold I've been carrying around for the last 2 weeks have altogether disappeared. Magic. And all because of some water and veggies and carrot juice. Every day gets easier once I have a few under my belt, so I'm hoping this initial momentum can carry me through what will be a busy weekend.

The Times has a quick article related to "Atonement" that's worth a read. If you see the film (which, incidentally, just garnered a number of Golden Globe noms for acting, direction, and the score, which is particularly moving), you'll no doubt be struck by the grandeur of the Tallis estate: its sloping green lawns, its turn-of-the-century beauty, and the epic sweep of its architecture. Turns out some unsuspecting Brit inherited the "real" estate some years ago and it kind of turned her life in a new direction. Interesting story here, if you're into that kind of thing:

"The Other 'Atonement' Love Story"

(I'm available to all dying great aunts who want to bequeath any crumbling English estates, by the way.)


Bacon Dad said…
I keep hoping I have some kind of distant English uncle who'll die and it turns out my grandfather is his only living relative, making him Viscount Lumley or something. If it turned out I was English nobility, I'd kiss my American citizenship goodbye in about 1.2 seconds.

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