Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

In this long-overdue edition of the ongoing feature, "Cool Hippie Shit That You Really Should Know About," I give you:


Or, as my friend Llama calls it, "the booch." Whatever way you put it, you should check this shit out. It's right up there with Lara Bars at the top of the convenient-raw-food pyramid.

No need for a huge nutritional synopsis here, as you'll find that in much more detailed form at this site: www. gtskombucha.com. GT produces Synergy, which is probably the most popular form of bottled kombucha out there right now. Basically, it's a Chinese tea (fermented for 30 days) that people have been drinking since way back in the day; it's vaguely bubbly due to the fermentation, and full of live enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, etc., as well as unpasteurized and lightly processed (read: RAW). Everything you need to balance out the body and alkalinize and take care of your immune system and metabolism and digestion and all that good stuff. Also, this guy GT (along with various others) claims that drinking kombucha helped his mother fight breast cancer. Which is what initially caught my eye when I started drinking this stuff about 3 years ago on recommendation from a fellow granola friend (thanks, Erin). I found an immediate difference in my energy levels and my skin, and attribute part of the fact that I rarely get sick to the mad live yeast and shit swimming around in my daily 'booch.

Anyway, check it out as part of the continuing project to live well in that ol' bod of yers. Kombucha is quickly spreading from a fixture in the hippie-yoga community to a regular sight in convenience stores and on the street, at least here in SF. It's pricey (usually anywhere from $2.50-$4 a bottle), and an alternative is growing your own cultures from a kombucha patty, which I have not yet tried, but which is definitely on the agenda. Guava Goddess and Strawberry Serenity are my favorite flavors (I know, wankity-wank names, sorry). Suspend disbelief and drink this shit. You'll have more energy, better skin, and get a few amino acids in the process.


GT's Kombucha Product Info


molly said…
fyi i love the cool-hippie-shit-you-should-know-about posts. also fyi, i sort of, quietly, came back to my blog after months of being away, a couple months ago.
Bacon Dad said…
I get my dose of live yeast from my homemade beer. (Which, btw, I'll have PLENTY of at New Year's.)

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