Raw, adjective: 10. not diluted, as alcoholic spirits: raw whiskey.

The Times has a good little roundup on San Francisco wine bars worth checking out. You might have heard that the London Wine Bar (est. 1974), which is just down Nob Hill from my place, is often credited as the first wine bar in the States. There are, of course, a ton of new little spots popping up here and there, as well.

I'd also have to add Amelie, a French wine bar on Polk that opened a year or so ago, to my top 3 or 4. Rosy dark ambiance, eclectic art, and an unpretentious neighborhood crowd.

"Snobless Sipping Where a Glassful is Just A Glassful"

(And while we're on the travel bent, for old times' sake: Friday's Times had another charming little article on the Delaware beaches, specifically Lewes, in which the writer waxes on about "its easy charm and friendly mid-Atlantic vibe, complete with long vowels, rustling corn fields and a dreamy slow pace." Find it here. Nice to see the old stomping grounds getting a notice from the guys in NY.)


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