Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

You should really take a few minutes to read this profile of Alice Waters from Wednesday's Times:

"Lunch With Alice Waters, Food Revolutionary"

In case you're not lucky enough to have heard of her yet, Waters is pretty much the goddess of Bay Area foodie culture. She's a radical in the most impressive of ways, sort of quietly going about her business while riling things up for nearly forty years. She opened Chez Panisse, a landmark Berkeley restaurant tucked over in the Gourmet Ghetto on Shattuck by Cesar's and the Cheese Board, in 1971, and has made waves with sustainability, using organic and local producers to shape her menus according to the seasons. Waters has also been huge with introducing gardening to the Berkeley school systems, incorporating the growing and harvesting processes into school lunches. Amazing.

She really is an icon in terms of living what she preaches. It's funny to think that this little old grandma-looking lady could be called a revolutionary, but when it comes to getting back to the roots of the matter re: food (bad pun intended), she's the real deal. Lately I've been mad to get my hands in the dirt, wishing for a big ol' plot of land where, right about now, I would be harvesting some big pumpkins and whipping up some delicious autumn beets with maybe a little goat cheese melted in there, too. Maybe next year. For the time being I'll settle for my plants indoors, and plot the garden plans for when the best seller breaks out and I buy a spread in Idaho to live out my own little Walden.


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