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Wow wow. This is pretty sweet.

So you might know that The Gap (along with its subsidiaries, Old Navy, Banana Republic, etc.) is based here in SF, right down on the water under the Bay Bridge by that fantastic bow and arrow sculpture. Turns out there's a big news conference scheduled for this morning because the dude at the top there, Donald Fisher, is planning to build a huge new museum in the Presidio to display his massive and totally sexy-hot modern art collection.

Looks like the timeline is short, too - only three years and then you, too, can see these gems in person. Check out the pics with the article: lots of Lichtensteins, Warhols and Closes. The guy's collection reads like a list of all the artists who've been featured at the SF MoMA in the past several years. Just might be enough to make me overlook the fact that he's a Republican. Oh, and that little thing about sweatshops, too...

Anyway, exciting. And did you see Barry whack the big one last night? How great was it that Hank Aaron did say a word after all? I'm just glad that it'll be easy to get tickets again, now that the big event is over and the Giants can go back to being last in the league.

SF Chronicle: "Art for Our Sake"


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