Raw, adjective: 5. crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste

Oh god. More evidence that the Red States are going to take over the world.

This Arkansas family - patriarch by the name of "Jim Bob," naturally - just had their 17th kid. Yeah, 17th. Which means that the mother has spent, count 'em, 10.5 years of her life pregnant. Even better, their names all start with the goddamned letter "J." Seriously, folks. You cannot make this shit up.

I was going to try to write this whole thing in "J" words, but sorry, it's Friday morning and I'm lazy and it's too hard. But seriously, what is it about the letter "J" that it's the one people always choose to punish their families with by naming all the kids after it? I don't get it.

Someone needs to make an anonymous donation of some serious birth control pills here. And then fill them in on a little thing called "overpopulation."

(Oh, wait - that's something we're only concerned about if the people are brown and/or Third World. If yer white and Christian, bring 'em on! Building the army of God, baby!)


Bacon Dad said…
I feel your dog on the whole overpopulation thing. This is why I only intend to have 2 kids, although we haven't ruled out adopting other people's kids.

This is also why I think we need to spend about 100 times as much money on NASA. It'd be nice to be able to colonize other planets before the population hits 17 billion.

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