Raw, adjective: 4. painfully open, as a sore or wound.

I'm feeling pretty Sporty Spice right now.

Embarked on a month-long yoga challenge starting August 1st; vowed to see if I could practice 2 hrs of yoga for 31 days straight. I'd been hitting a plateau and after a July full of travels and visitors, my practice wasn't feeling as smooth as it should've. So today's the 9th, and I am sooo excited to say, I've got 9 practices under my belt for August. And I feel like a fuckin rockstar.

Today was the icing on the cake; I practiced for 4 hours, count 'em 4, and yes, my back is rawer than raw, and I'm pretty sore, but I feel about 2 inches taller already and am waaay blissed out. The energy snowballs once you get going; it feels so much easier now to make day 10, and day 11, now that I've got 9 under my belt.

My friend Nielsen is training for a triathlon. She went to yoga with me for the first time tonight, and I've decided that I am definitely going to train with her for the next one. It can't be that hard; I've got the running down, and the swimming from all those years as a lifeguard and, ahem, a water aerobics instructor (ha - betcha didn't know about that, eh?). The cycling will be a challenge, especially training in these hills, but I'm so feeling it right now. And the whole thing folds in so nicely with eating raw and eating well, too - both fuel one another, and you end up being a person who's suddenly happier and healthier and, I'll be damned, it's even helping my writing.

On another note, my co-worker Sammy just had a beautiful little girl on Wednesday. As much as my politics say to scramble the binary gender constructs of pink/blue/blah blah blah, everything about it screams "pink."* Tomorrow morning I've got hot plans to bake up a whole mess of pink and yellow cupcakes - strawberry icing, natch - to take in to celebrate the new little one. Not so raw, but whatever.

Yeah Sammy! And yeah, cupcakes. And yeah, mad workouts. I feel good.

*Hence, the picture above of a random-ass pose and cheesy lady all in pink. Bet she ate some kale today.


Bacon Dad said…
Nice! I'm hoping to train for a triathlon too. I bike and run a lot already, so it seemed pretty natural. Unfortunately I can't find any convenient place to swim; if I have to go way out of my way to go to a Y or something, I'll never do it. I guess I could join the pool by my house, but of course it closes in September and also it sucks.

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