Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data.

Strange vibe to the world lately. [More] Republican Congressmen getting busted for lewd sex dramas (the hypocrisy never fails to astound!), Owen Wilson, he of the crinkly eyes and dry humor, in the hospital after a halted suicide attempt, and an 89-degree high in the City tomorrow - unheard of here, of course, but especially at the time of year when it's usually foggy and cool. What's going on??

The City's quiet, a good chunk of people having fled to the playa for Burning Man through Labor Day. They're closing the Bay Bridge for construction all weekend and reminders are everywhere you look. My voice is scratchy after an evening of rehearsing and trying to dig deep for the old singing techniques that I haven't used often enough in the last few years. It's a good thing, albeit frustrating, this getting back in the saddle thing. I made a killing out of 12 scores from the music library today and now my piano collection is, ahem, stocked with piles of new repertoire, lots of jazz and blues, some Mancini and Ellington and, of course, Gershwin.

There's been a lot going down in Real Life lately, just enough to remind me that when we think we've got it all sorted out, well, that's when we're reminded that nothing is permanent and life is change and transience is all we can know or count on and everything's related and whaddya know - it's all Buddhism and yogic theory proven true again and again and again.

Blah, rambling; bodies and breathing and crumbling and time passing and what happens in the moments, here and there, in-between.

And I can't sleep, in this one.


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