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Ooh, this is delicious.

On the heels of last week's dumpster diving article, the Times has a piece exploring the ethical and environmental implications of "green chic." It's basically highlighting that bourgeois trend of late that makes supposedly environment-friendly shopping the latest stylish means of keeping up with the [green] Jones's. They call out the "eco-narcissism" involved in satiating ourselves with ostensibly green products while not dealing with the underlying reality that buying MORE isn't going to make the environment any healthier. And then they do a decent job of countering that at the end of the article.*

Don't want to beat a dead horse with this topic, but I think it's relevant and it's time to take the next step beyond consciousness-raising (I mean, who isn't an environmentalist these days?) toward becoming more responsible for our individual choices every day. And buying that second home in Jamaica made with solar panels and recycled wood isn't necessarily going to do so. Once again we're confronting that capitalist mentality underlying everything we do here in the grand ol' US of A that says MORE MORE MORE is always the answer. And, funny, people still end up feeling empty even after they've got the Lexus and the earth-friendly sheets. We are so blind to our affluence, relative to the rest of the world...

Here's the article. "Buying Into the Green Movement"

*Points earned for the Fashion & Style section for finally including a mindful little piece amidst the shit about socialites and overpriced handbags.


sp said…
Thanks for the article link. It use to drive me crazy when this friend of mine would talk the talk and consume, consume, consume. She had "organic living" magazine that also made me crazy because it espoused all the "right" and "green" choices, but the whole thing was just saying "it's okay to consume, just consume these things instead."
It's a struggle isn't it? While I'm glad the bourgeoisie are making some attempt which is better than nothing, but what is really learned or changed? They've got the right idea with saying no to plastic bags, but we all need to reduce consumption all together.
I agree with you. We need to be aware of every choice we make and its impact on the environment, other people and animals.

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