Random shit I wanted to post that has no feasible connection whatsoever to any definition of "rawness"

Little Bro arrives tomorrow for a week's visit (along with his old buddy Tom, who's pretty much like a second brother to us all anyway). Good times. Got the house sparkling (why do I like cleaning so much, and what the hell is wrong with me that I could never be content being a barefoot pregnant housewife, because damn, would I be good at it; you know, the whole high-heels-vacuuming-Valium-dinner-on-the-table thing?). Anyway. House is sparkling, fresh white roses and eucalyptus are set up in the living room, calendar's cleared for the next week so that I can show the Bro just why San Francisco is the best place on earth.

So you might not hear a ton from me this week; we've got tickets to see Jersey Boys tomorrow night, and they're seeing Alcatraz the next, and then we've got hot - read me, H.O.T., as in, "boy, were those a pain in the ass to try to get" - tickets to the Giants/Braves game Thursday afternoon, Row 2, Center Field bleachers, which means that my friend Mr. Bonds needs to hit a couple of homers in the next two days so that we can catch the big one Thursday, after which I will promptly move to the Italian Riviera with my share of our million dollar earnings and never be heard from again. There's some Beserkeley and some hiking on the agenda, along, of course, with the requisite Golden Gate Bridge crossing, drinks at the Top of the Mark, a cruise down Highway 1, and a day in Napa tasting some wines. Whew. I'm tired already. But it'll be nice to have one of the fam out here for a few days (hi guys, all so far away...), and also, even nicer that the Bro is now of age, so he can sit at my bar.

So watch for us on the big screen Thursday afternoon. I'll be the one making the diving catch. Or, uh, ducking. Could go either way. And stay tuned for updates: we're going to try to catch the new Hairspray (I've heard mixed reviews - Travolta in drag?!?) along with some serious karaoke ac-shun. 80s classics: here we come.


Anonymous said…
if you decide to take up the housewife career can tim and i have you? we often say it'd be might nice to have one. though i more often advocate for a house husband, but id take you in a second. ;)
Mariah said…
Have fun! It sounds like a ball. But it is weird to think of all of the bar hopping and drinking you can now partake in with the "little" bro. We are old!

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